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Connect us with your nonprofit, so we can show them how they can receive a check every month!

Roaring Planet/Magnus Premium Coffee has created a way to give back to our Members and our communities. Through our profit sharing, we want to help as many organizations as we can to create the funding they need for the important work that they do. Unlike most development efforts, we have created an on-going opportunity that will continue to pay the organization in the years to come.

Here's how non-profits get paid from their people drinking coffee

  • Connect us with your favorite non-profit
  • Let us meet with the organization & understand their financial goals
  • Let us build a short & long term profit program that pays them every month – up to 15% of every retail dollar they spend, each and every time they order coffee!

If you have an organization that is important to you, and needs an opportunity to create more dollars for their cause, speak with a Roaring Planet team member and let us create a program that fits their needs.

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